50 Moments - The connection between nature and creativity.

“50 Moments” was originally a photo based creative project created by Jason Nadon. It was inspired by and came to be as a result of participating in the 30x30 Nature Challenge. To complete the challenge, Jason looked locally for resources that he could connect with on a daily basis. Thankfully, we all have so many great resources around us – he didn’t have to look far and he headed out to Point Pelee National Park for 30 days straight in August of 2016.

Each morning he found that the time in nature and alone with his thoughts not only helped give him clarity and a healthy mental state – but he found that he was constantly brainstorming creative ideas. The more that he allowed nature to inspire him, the more creative the ideas became. The 30 days resulted in 475 total pictures taken, 220 kilometers walked, and 19 pounds lost.

The positive experience that he had with the challenge made such an impression on him that he wanted to share with others. He decided that he would look at the pictures taken and see if he could find one from each day that would capture some of the beauty that he found while exploring nature. Although he tried to limit it to 30, he ended up picking 50 of his favorite captured moments – which is where the project name originated. He collected those 50 images and created a photo book called “50 Moments in August” that shares the images, his social media musings and journal entries from the days in the park. Of those 50 images, he then selected his favorite 10 and enlarged them to 11x14 prints for sharing.

In addition to creating the photo book and prints, Jason was selected as the Feature Artist in March 2017 and was able to display these works in Kingsville, Ontario at the local Arts and Visitor Centre.

Wanting others to be able to connect with nature and create something to be shared with the world - he created the concept of the 50 Moments Creative Challenge

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